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Projects using it

There are over 50 libraries on Maven which depends on JavaParser, around 100 projects on GitHub and a number of commercial projects.

This is a very incomplete list:


The maintainer of the JavaParser project is Danny van Bruggen a.k.a. Matozoid.

There are over 100 people who contributed to JavaParser. Among them a few have more commits than others: Federico Tomassetti, Nicholas Smith (a.k.a. SmiddyPence), Cruz Maximilien (a.k.a. DeepSnowNeeL), and Sebastian Kirsch


The parser is based on work by Sreenivasa Viswanadha and JĂșlio Vilmar Gesser. The original project, now inactive, was originally hosted at Google Code and supported only parsing Java 1.5.

Danny van Bruggen picked it up and put it on GitHub. He started accepting patches. Over time a community grew around it. In 2015 Federico Tomassetti started working on the JavaSymbolSolver which in 2016 was included in the JavaParser set of tools. He also added the lexical preserving parser.